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Report Definitions & Scope

Thank you for selecting Cal Home Inspection to provide your property inspection. Our business is mostly referrals and we would appreciate you recommending our services to your family, friends and associates who may be in need of our services.

Our inspectors are all proud members of CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) and/or ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), the two major professional organizations in California. Both CREIA and ASHI require members to meet and adhere to all membership standards set forth in their standards of practice.

This report describes the property conditions on the date of inspection to current ASHI standards. Within the ASHI standards, our judgment is based upon locally accepted practice for comparable properties with respect to quality and workmanship allowing for reasonable wear and tear.

Our service is not a code compliance inspection or local city/municipality ordinance compliance inspection.

Soil conditions, inaccessible features, and cosmetic considerations are specifically excluded from the scope of this report.

Our work is not technically exhaustive and does not include tests such as an appropriate professional might perform on any given system. We test components with normal operating controls and do not break down nor take apart any system.

Our fees do not include guarantees or warranties either expressed or implied.

Some features are not inspected. For instance; Sewer drainage, which can become blocked without warning; timer controlled devices; thermostats and similar control devices are not checked for calibration; security systems; elevators; and personal property such as refrigerators, shutters and drapes.

We cannot judge what we cannot see, such as conditions hidden within walls, behind paneling, beneath rugs, or deliberately masked. We do not dismantle, turn on gas service to appliances, or venture into areas which in our judgment may be hazardous.

This inspection is strictly limited to those items detailed in this report.

We’re here to help and encourage you so please call if you have any questions.

Our code of ethics does not allow us to provide professional referrals.

To review our standards of practice and code of ethics please visit